Aircraft Acquisition Services

Acquiring Your Aircraft can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. Upon your decision to contract our services you have the advantage of our aviation intelligence in your command. Our qualified team will work with you to define your flight operation profile, and equipment preference to determine the aircraft that aligns with your requirements, perform the research required, provide guidance to successfully identify the right aircraft to meet your specification and execute a smooth transaction.

Jet Speed Aviation Advantage includes professional FAA Certified Aircraft Maintenance Technicians on staff to properly evaluate aircraft in the selection process with respect to aircraft condition and maintenance history, current maintenance status, future maintenance and regulatory requirements.

Specific Flight Mission, profiles, preference and price parameters will be evaluated to formulate a strategy to accomplish your goals. Your Flight Mission Requirements are a Key Factor in selecting the right aircraft.

Considerations include but are not limited to:

  • Flight Mission Profiles
  • Frequency
  • Passenger Capacity
  • Acquisition Cost Parameters
  • Operating Cost, Fixed and Hourly
  • Flight Operation Management Considerations
  • Charter Management Revenue Considerations
  • Cabin Amenities
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Aircraft Records and Maintenance Status

As the Acquisition Process Evolves Jet Speed Aviation will capitalize on its Access to the Constantly Changing Aircraft Market and World Market Aircraft Data to Properly Evaluate Aircraft Selection. We will utilize Industry Contacts to Locate Off Market or Un Advertised Aircraft; Search, Evaluate, and Advise Updated Market Conditions, provide Pre-Purchase Inspection Oversight and Protect Client Interests.

Guidance is also available to refer and structure a private or charter management strategy for proposed flight operations.

Jet Speed Aviation would be pleased to provide services to successfully coordinate your next Aircraft Acquisition. We look forward to working with you to unlock the possibilities and provide efficient aviation solutions.